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At Counselling with Olivia, I provide a safe, empathetic, and nurturing environment to help you navigate life’s challenges and achieve emotional well-being.

About Me

A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Olivia. I use person-centered, narrative and solution focused therapies to help people explore their feelings and move into their preferred identities that will propel them to live a life filled with joy and hope. I teach useful strategies that can help with anxiety, regulating feelings, confidence, and social skills, as well as helping people find the root cause of the problems they face. I have experience working with all ages and especially love my work with children, adolescents, and young people. I also have a special interest in neurodiversity, autism, and ADHD.

I was raised in a multicultural environment and love working with people from all cultures. I speak Spanish as a second language and have experienced life overseas; therefore, I understand the dynamics and systems of individualistic and collectivistic cultures.

I have experience working with issues of anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, faith, identity, and neurodiversity. I work one-on-one and relationally (including family or friends in a session if necessary or beneficial)

How it works

How a Session will Work

When you first come to counselling:

We will discuss your goals….

Our Services


Face to Face Sessions

I offer one-hour sessions. I provide resources and teach skills which are emailed or texted if necessary.

Available Wednesday and Thursday




Get to Know Me Call

I believe it is important you feel comfortable with your counsellor and they can offer you what you are looking for. I offer a free 30-minute call to ask any questions about how I work and to discover whether you feel good to start this journey with me.



Online Sessions

Online sessions are held through Microsoft Teams. 

Availability in the mornings or evenings:

Monday, Tuesday and Fridays




Funded Options

  • 2-4 sessions for people under Under Gumboot Friday.
  • WINZ counselling subsidy


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Counselling with Olivia

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